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These are just some of the regular questions I get asked …… 

Q. I’m fit and well, do I need to have a health problem before I can book a treatment ?                                                             A. No, many fit, healthy people have regular treatments to ensure that they stay that way. I personally see it as a M.O.T for the body – a way of maintaining stress levels and good health, as well as taking responsibility for your own wellbeing.

Q. There are so many different treatments, how do I choose the right one for me ?

A. When you contact me to arrange an appointment, we can discuss your specific needs and I can advise you as to the best treatment to suit your needs.

Q. Why do you need to undertake a consultation ?
A. A consultation takes place at your initial treatment to establish your state of health and ensure that there are no contraindications. The consultation process also ensures that I am providing the best treatment for your health needs. Based on the information given at the time of consultation, it may be that I can also recommend more specialised treatment from associates and/or practitioners in a specific field.

Q. Are the details taken at my consultation passed onto others ?
A. No absolutely not, anything discussed both at the consultation stage and during your treatment remains confidential. The information taken at the initial consultation and any details taken at subsequent treatments is kept in my possession.

Q. What sort of questions will you ask me at the consultation ?

A. Apart from obvious questions like your name and address and a contact telephone number, I will also ask for your date of birth, and details of what type of employment you undertake, these questions are important and help me to build up a picture of your lifestyle, and your possible treatment needs. After that I am required to take some details about your past and present health, who your GP is, and list any medication that you may be taking, these questions are required firstly to safe guard your health, and secondly they are an insurance requirement.

Q. Why do you need to know who my GP is ?
If you have a condition which is contraindicated to treatment, I may ask you to contact your G.P and enquire as to your suitability for treatment, or I can contact your G.P on your behalf.

Q. What is a contra-indication ?
A. Although Holistic treatments are very safe, some health conditions are contra-indicated to receiving treatment. Contra-indications vary from the more serious health conditions like High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Epilepsy, Thrombosis/ Embolism, Heart conditions, Head, Neck or Spinal Injury, Acute Infectious Disease, High Fever, Potentially Fatal or Terminal Illness etc.
Other contra-indications may be localized and I can avoid that particular area i.e. Scar tissue, Skin Infection, Various Veins, Cuts, Bruises etc.

Q. I have a contra-indication does that mean I can’t have a treatment ?
A. Having a contra-indication does not necessarily mean that you cannot have a treatment; however we may need prior consent from a G.P or other health professional before continuing with your chosen treatment. We can also discuss an alternative treatment that better suits your health issues, or we can adapt a treatment to your specific needs. 

Q. Do you do male massage ?
A. In the interests of safety and to protect both parties Im afraid I do NOT offer massages for unknown male clients.

Q. I’m pregnant can I still have a treatment ?
A. Yes, many pregnant women find treatment very relaxing and beneficial, especially in the later stages of pregnancy. Guidelines recommend that pregnant women should avoid treatments like Reflexology and Massage within the first 4 months of pregnancy, and although there is no evidence that these treatments are detrimental to the health of a pregnant woman, it is best to remain cautious. An alternative treatment like Reiki is perfectly safe during the early stages and extremely beneficial.
* Caution should be addressed by pregnant women where the use of essential oils is involved.

Q. I am suffering from stress which treatment do you recommended? 
Reiki is always my number one choice, all Holistic treatments are incredibly beneficial for stress related issues, however through my own personal experience Reiki is my preferred choice.

Q. I am so stressed I’m afraid I may break down and make a fool of myself, should I wait until I feel more stable ?
A. We all have phases in our life when we feel open and vulnerable for one reason or another, only you will know when the time is right. However you enter a safe, healing environment when you come for treatment, I suggest you ‘go with the flow’ releasing emotions is incredibly liberating.

Q. I would like a Remedial Massage will I find the treatment painful?
All treatments which require physical manipulation are tailored to suit the clients, if at any time during the treatment you are finding the treatment to uncomfortable you are advised to make it known to the therapist, the therapist will adjust the depth of touch to suit your requirements.

Q. Do I have to undress, as I’m not comfortable removing clothing ?

A.Treatments such as Reiki, Holistic Face and Scalp Massage and Ear Candling do not require you to remove any clothing, although it is recommended that you wear loose, comfortable clothing. Reflexology  requires that you remove shoes and socks/ stockings; you may want to dress appropriately for this. Aromatherapy ,Therapeutic  and Remedial Massage require that you undress to your underwear, however large towels are provided for discretion, modesty is maintained at all times throughout your treatment. Indian Head Massage requires that you remove your upper body clothing down to you underwear, again a large towel is provided to wrap around and maintain modesty. It is advisable to wear loose clothing for Dorn Method appointments.

Q. How long will my appointment last?

A. Appointment times vary according to the type of treatment you are receiving, massage appointments are usually ½ hour, 1 hour or 1 ½ hours . Most other treatments would normally last for 1 hour, however if it is your first appointment you will need to allow 1 ½ hours in total as your session will involve a consultation. For subsequent 1 hour appointments you should allow 1 ¼ hours in total.

Q. How many treatments will I need?

The amount of treatments you receive depends largely on your individual requirements, for many heath issues a short course of treatments is advised, as one treatment is often not enough to resolve a problem, however the number of treatments is often governed by available time and finances. If you can only manage the occasional treatment you will still find it very beneficial. Many clients prefer to maintain good health and opt for regular weekly, fortnightly or monthly appointments. 

Q.What are the benefits of regular treatment?

A. As well as being incredibly pleasurable to receive, regular on-going treatment plays an important role in maintaining good heath, many treatments are renowned for reducing stress, inducing relaxation, improving the circulation of blood and lymph,  releasing muscle tension, correcting bad posture, improving sleep patterns, improving muscle and skin tone etc. the list is seemingly endless.

Q. What guidelines do I need to follow after having a treatment?

A. In order to gain the maximum benefit from your treatment it is advisable to follow a few simple guidelines:
* Drink plenty of water, or herbal / fruit infusions to help flush out any impurities, all treatments aid the elimination of toxins from the body.
* Rest as much as possible in order to aid the healing process
* Avoid caffeine, Alcohol and smoking for 24 hours following your treatment as most treatments aim to detoxify the body.
* Avoid having a heavy meal; aim for a light natural meal - processed foods do not aid the detoxifying process, and hinder healing.

I would always recommend where possible, having a treatment when you know that you have adequate time after to relax and recover i.e. on your day off, at the end of your working day, or whilst on holiday.

Q. Are there any side effects from having a treatment?

A. No two people respond the same to treatment, however a period of rebalancing typically takes place for a couple of days  following a treatment and during this time it is not uncommon to experience the following; Tiredness or fatigue, changes in bowel movements and urine output, changes in sleep patterns, headache, nausea, feeling emotional, flu-like symptoms, aching muscles etc. I find clients who are receiving regular treatments are likely to have far less, if any side effects.
Following the guidelines above reduces any side effects.

Q. I don’t live near you, where can I find a therapist in my area?

A. I would firstly recommend word of mouth as best source, after that doctor’s surgeries, chemists and health food shops are a good source of information. Look for a therapist who is a member of a professional body, I am a member of the FHT (Federation of Holistic Therapists ) the links page will take you to the FHT web site where you can find other members listed in your area.
There are many professional bodies; some treatment types have their own professional representing council. If you are doubt ask your chosen therapist do they have professional insurance (they must be insured) , and are they a member of a professional body (recommended, although not essential) if necessary ask to see a copy of their insurance which should be on display in the place of work, or carried with them if they work mobile.

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