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 First and Second Degree Reiki Tuition

The word Reiki is Japanese in origin which translates as Universal Life Force Energy, when the word Reiki is broken down into two parts – Rei loosely translates as a universal, transcendental spirit, essence, or mysterious power, and Ki translates as the vital life force, as chi is to Chinese medicine, or Prana in Yogic traditions, we all possess Reiki energy; it is an energy that we are born with – it is our birthright. What makes Reiki different from other healing methods is the process of empowerment (also known by its western term and method as attunement.)
Empowerments are an ancient technique passed on from Master to Student to fine tune a student’s physical and etheric body to a higher vibrational level. During the empowerment process energy centres known as Chakras are opened sufficiently to allow the student to channel larger amounts of Universal Life Force Energy.
One of the greatest benefits of Reiki is the ability to self heal – It is principally through Reiki that I personally recovered from chronic illness in 1999. With my precious gift of Reiki energy at Master level, I am available for empowerment and tuition at both Reiki One and Reiki Two levels. Course numbers are decisively kept low, and are offered on a one to one, couple or on a small group of up to four people basis so that I can offer you the best attention, and guidance.
All courses are offered at  Studio C  in a very relaxed, informal setting and can be arranged on a day to suit you best.
Both courses cover the theory and practical sides of Reiki, and at both Reiki One and Reiki Two you will have lots of opportunity to practice working with Reiki. Reiki energy, courses and information can vary greatly, the courses which I run are based upon the lineage and tuition gained from Taggart King, and his association with Chris Marsh and the information he in turn gained from Mikao Usui’s surviving students. However we will also cover Western Reiki techniques on the courses.
Reiki is for me the most beautiful, pure energy that anyone could wish to embrace, whether you are looking for your own inner healing, or you wish to use energy to aid others - Reiki offers you the gift of access to a wonderful healing energy.

Both First and Second Degree Reiki Courses come with a fully comprehensive manual, in addition the Second Degree Reiki course comes with a CD of Guided Reiki Meditations. Both manuals and CD’s are produced exclusively by Taggart King at Reiki Evolution, whom I am honoured to work in association with. (Further information on Taggart King and Reiki Evolution can be found by following the link on the links page of this website)
Course content and schedule may chance slightly to suit particular needs, For the visually impaired the option of a audio CD is available for your course content.

First Degree Reiki Course Overview
Reiki Background
Following the System
Mikao Usui’s Precepts and Mindfulness
Reiji Empowerments
Experiencing Energy
Daily Energy Exercises
Regular Self Treatments
Self Treatment Practical Session
Working on Other People
Practical Session                     

The cost of the One day Reiki One Course is £140.00 including comprehensive manual.

Second Degree Reiki Course Overview                                                                                                                                                                                Introduction
Reiji Empowerments
Use of Symbols
First Symbol – Cho Ku Rei
Second Symbol – Sei He Ki
Reiki Meditations
Third Symbol – Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen
Distant Healing
Working on Others
Working with Intuition
Power of Intent
Reiki as a Therapy 
Treatment Techniques
Grounding and Protection
Practical Session            

The cost of the One day Reiki Two Course is £140.00 including comprehensive manual  & CD

Master Level Course

I currently have no plans to teach Reiki to Master Level. Master Level Courses can be undertaken with Taggart King,
or one of his tutors by contacting Reiki Evolution.

For more details or to book on a course call 015394 46790 

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